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Guest folder

Welcome to Apart Edi!

We would like to welcome you to our house.
It is our concern that you can relax from your everyday stress and simply
and simply enjoy your vacation!

For wishes, complaints or suggestions we are
we are of course at your disposal at any time!
We are endeavored to fulfill these as fast as possible, - and/or
out of the world!

You can reach us under this number
00 43 664 53 33 955
00 43 650 54 45 605
00 43 5445 200 12

Your hosts
Rudigier Edmund
and Martina

VVT Planner from Kappl/ Obermühl


Your comfortably furnished kitchen-cum-living-room is equipped with the most important kitchen utensils. In all rooms you will find a Falchbild television. If you have any questions about any device, please contact us!
We would like to ask you to enter the apartment only with slippers, because the floors are sensitive and scratched quickly!

Bread roll service

We are happy to order fresh rolls for your daily breakfast from our baker! On weekdays the delivery service will bring the bread to your garage door in your designated box!
We are happy to accept orders in the evening until 20:00 o'clock by mail or Whats-App.
(0043 664 533 39 55 or

Click here to order bread online.


The network for the apartment is "apart edi surfnet".

Parking garage

You can park your car free of charge in our garage!
Please park in front of your apartment entrance!

Ski and ski boot room

In the parking garage you will find your ski and ski boot room!
Please deposit your ski or snowboard boots and equipment in this room.
Always lock the door, because we are not liable for thefts or possible damages!

Waste separation

You will find a waste separation system in the kitchen under the sink!
We would like to ask you to separate the waste exactly, because we have to pass on the bill to you if the waste is not separated properly! Please bring the waste to the garage at the end of your stay.

Wellness area in the neighboring house

In the neighboring house is a spacious facility where you can relax daily from 17:00 to 22:00!
Of course you will receive the bathrobes free of charge!
The area is for about 18 people and is shared with the neighboring apartment. Sauna towels, hand towels and infusions are available!
Please deposit the wet towels in the box provided for this purpose.

Important rules for sauna visitors:

  • Basically, the visit of a sauna is not allowed for people who have heart or circulatory problems, for pregnant women and for people under the influence of alcohol!
  • Children under the age of 14 are also not allowed to visit the sauna without parental supervision!
  • Please always take off your street shoes before entering the sauna! To avoid dirt and so that there is no danger of slipping!
  • Do not bring drinks or glass because of the risk of injury.
  • Please close the door to the outside, otherwise the relaxation room will cool down too much.

Important telephone numbers

Dr. Jehle Florian
You can find the doctor in the village center on the second floor.
There is also a pharmacy there.
00 43 54 45 6230
On the main road about 500 meters after the valley station on the right side
00 43 54 45 62 22
Fire department
You will find a fire extinguisher in the underground car park
Emergency call 122
TAXI Juen 00 43 6868
Cell phone number of
or from Edi
00 43 664 53 33 955
00 43 650 54 45 605
00 43 54 45 200 12

If there are any problems, please call us at any time!
Thank you very much!